Melina contains the following mineral substances:

Potassium: important to the heart, digestive system and all tissues. Improves students' and athletes' performance (14,4% RDA).

Calcium: it guards against osteoporosis. Acts as a cardiac stimulant and is therapeutic for arthritis. Necessary for the proper development of the skeleton and the maintenance of a healthy complexion (9,6% RDA).

Phosphorus: necessary for the proper functioning of the muscular, nervous and skeletal systems (2,3% RDA).

Magnesium: prevents thromboses and cramps, is conducive to the body’s defence mechanisms and balances hormonal activity (18,1% RDA).

Ferrum: prevents blood problems and low haematocrit readings, meets the body’s needs for ferritin and, because of its natural rather than chemical composition, it does not harm the liver or kidneys (76,4% RDA).

Sodium: regulates the amounts of water in the body and prevents dehydration.

 (RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance)


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