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Melina is sugar-cane molasses made with an old traditional recipe which gives it its uniquely exceptional flavour, while helping it keep all its nutrients. It does not contain any fatty substances and is ideal for cooking, confectionery, salads and dressings. It can also be served with ice-cream, yogurt, juice, coffee, etc.

Melina is rich in mineral and organic substances that are necessary to athletes, students,
hard-working or sick people. These substances are all natural and therefore fully digestible and harmless to the human body. It is beneficial and necessary to people suffering from thalassemia or those with low haematocrit while it helps restore ferrum, haematocrit and ferritin readings to normal levels without the use of chemical substances.

It is ideal during menstruation, pregnancy, nursing periods and menopause, when women need more ferrum and calcium.

Molasses shields the body with polyphenols and powerful antioxidants, well-known for their cancer preventive action.

The daily consumption of Melina molasses resolves constipation problems and restores natural beauty by reactivating and strengthening skin turgor, that is the moisturisation of skin cells, thus causing their natural rejuvenation. Only two teaspoonfuls of Melina a day drive away facial paleness and dark circles round the eyes (symptoms of a lack of ferum and potassium) within two to three weeks.

It is not fattening because it contains natural sugars with 0% fat content, so, if taken as per its recommended dosage (i.e. two teaspoonfuls daily), it is fully digestible.

Molasses is one of the nine most nutritious foods on the planet.

It's suitable even for diabetics, after consulting a doctor-nutritionist.

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